Celebrate the Love for Our Prophet ﷺ at Our 9th Mawlid Festival Charity Dinner 2022!                   Celebrate the Love for Our Prophet ﷺ at Our 9th Mawlid Festival Charity Dinner 2022!                  Celebrate the Love for Our Prophet ﷺ at Our 9th Mawlid Festival Charity Dinner 2022!                  Celebrate the Love for Our Prophet ﷺ at Our 9th Mawlid Festival Charity Dinner 2022!                  Celebrate the Love for Our Prophet ﷺ at Our 9th Mawlid Festival Charity Dinner 2022!                   Celebrate the Love for Our Prophet ﷺ at Our 9th Mawlid Festival Charity Dinner 2022!

Learn Arabic in Singapore

Comprehensive and engaging Arabic courses in Singapore made to meet your demands as a language learner.

Our Offered Courses At Simplyislam!

Select any of our tailored Arabic classes for beginners and get started today!

Arabic made easy in this two-in-one Arabic writing and reading course.
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Learn conversational Arabic fluently and confidently through our conversational Arabic course.

What Our Students Have to Say!

Join our growing community and thrive just like our Arabic language students who joined SimplyIslam.

Chan Li Ting-SimplyIslam Student
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Course was fun and enjoyable, with the instructor sharing his knowledge of the language with very thorough explanations along the way. I love everything about this course.
- Annisa Sha'aban-SimplyIslam Student
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Highly interactive weekly sessions with regular recap of previous lessons thus ensuring maximum retention of what has been taught. I've found the lessons to be very engaging and am grateful for the opportunity to be in this class. Syukran Jazilan!
Mohamed Hassan-SimplyIslam Student
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I am impressed that SimplyIslam brought a linguist rather than someone familiar with the Arabic language to conduct the course. The knowledge and expertise in the presentation was excellent and well-respected for his enthusiasm to teach and impart knowledge.

What Makes Learning Arabic Different at SimplyIslam?

Our unique language school has proven to transform many students in Singapore. Here are the key features you should know.

Highly Curated Arabic Language Curriculum

Time constraint, stress to keep up with the syllabus and oversaturated information could be an obstacle for you to become a proficient Arabic learner. Our Arabic courses cater to students from all walks of life, regardless of proficiency level and age. The best way for you to learn Arabic is to enjoy learning at your own pace with maximum retention as possible. Learn Arabic stress-free and be the best version of yourself.

Discover, Appreciate & Love Arabic

Scoring your Arabic language examinations is great, but what if you actually have the chance to learn beyond that and develop a true fascination with the Arabic language? From Arabic courses that offer conversational approaches, embracing cultures & classic literature, to exploring the depths of classical Arabic, you’ll discover, appreciate & love the Arabic language a lot more than you’ve ever been before.

Engage Up Close & Personal

We believe effective learning only happens when it’s a two-way communication. Our personalised Arabic classes allow you to engage with our Arabic instructors & interact with learners during class to encourage you to speak! Ask questions, provide feedback, discuss, suggest, or as you wish.

Growing Community

A bigger community calls for better improvements in SimplyIslam. Over 1,000 people have joined our physical Arabic classes, and since the inception of our online Arabic academy in 2021, hundreds more have participated in our online Arabic courses. We aim to reach out to all Singaporeans who are looking to change their ways for the better of learning the Arabic language.

Certified Instructors Worldwide​

SimplyIslam only chooses the creme de la creme. All our instructors are ARS certified and some are even internationally recognized for their notable academic achievements and contributions.

Certified Linguists and Instructors

A successful Arabic learning experience in SimplyIslam cannot happen without an experienced instructor. Each Arabic instructor has exceptional knowledge & qualifications, providing you with innovative lessons to learn Arabic effectively. ARS certified, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, fun and engaging!

Arabic Classes Taught by Certified Experts

Select and learn from only quality Arabic instructors. Learning from experienced, certified and knowledgeable teachers is your key to success. Start today.

Ustadh Muhammad Salleh

SimplyIslam's Chief Knowledge Strategist. | Graduate of Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah. | Studied in Malaysia's National University & Egypt's Al-Azhar University. | Certified instructor by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) & the Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB). | Teacher of Islamic Studies at SimplyIslam Singapore. | Conducts translation & interpretation assignments (Arabic<>English). | Proficient in Arabic, English & Malay.

Sidi Anass Samsar

Native Arab from Fes, Morocco. | Masters Degree in Islamic Civilisation & Inter-Religious Dialogue, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Morocco. | Degree in Islamic Studies, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University in Morocco. | Munshid & Linguist of the Arabic Language, having written & recited volumes of Arabic poetry.

Muallim Mahmud Baythar

Native Arab from Amman, Jordan. | Degree in Arabic Language & Literature, Al-Isra University. | Arabic Language Lecturer at Khawarizmi University Technical College in Amman Jordan. | Arabic Language Lecturer at The Arab Community College in Amman Jordan. | Certified for the Teaching of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers.

Ustadh Mohamed Abla

Native Arab from Morocco. | Islamic Law Degree from Hassan II Mohammedia University, Morocco Certified instructor by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) & the Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB). | Former Arabic Language Teacher & Vice-Principal, in Malaysia’s Pusat Ulumuddin in Kedah for 9 years. | Former Islamic Studies Teacher at Singapore's Masjid Darul Makmur & Masjid En-Naeem. | Author of the popular "24hr Iqra" book & taught the famous "24hr Qur'an" courses.

Sidi Abid Essalah

Native Arab from Tunisia. | Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature. | Language consultant and instructor of Arabic & French at SimplyIslam Singapore. | Language teacher & translator in Tunisia from 2005 to 2012. | Conducts translation & interpretation projects for government agencies & companies. | Proficient in English, Arabic & French.

Sayyid Muhammad Samdani

Co-founder of Sadr Ul Ulama Academy | Author and editor at Sadr Ul Ulama Academy | Was a Qur'an teacher at Jamia Islamia Rizvia, Bradford. | Was a headteacher and Imam at Millat e Islamia Masjid, Bradford | Was a teacher at Spiritual Society of Canada, Toronto

Getting Rid of Your Negative Misconceptions of the Arabic Language

SimplyIslam strives to defy all negative stereotypes of Arabic language learners and make it possible for anyone, anywhere to learn Arabic easily.

“It’s difficult to learn Arabic because of its complex language structure.”

Despite the rich vocabulary and structure of the Arabic language, along with its intricate grammatical structure, it is in fact very much possible for anyone, especially beginners to learn Arabic the easy and guided way. With guidance from our certified experts of different backgrounds, a structured and systematic approach to learning Arabic, anyone from all walks of life, regardless of age and proficiency level can learn from the bottom all the way to the top in just a few months.

Some of the Arabic courses for beginners we offer in Singapore include:

Learn Arabic the right way - fun, interactive and engaging!

Our highly-curated Arabic classes for beginners are tailored to make language learning fun and interactive for all our students to partake. We want you to learn Arabic at your own pace, internalising the commonly used words according to their specific contexts, and apply them in social situations you might end up in when you’re travelling in Arabic-speaking countries. The Arabic language skills you acquire are not just for you to learn in class, but to bring it outside into the real world and start a conversation.

Some of our interactive Arabic language activities to encourage practical applications in daily life include:

Our Faq’s

From Islamic courses catered to a wide range of audience, from adults to children, we have it all to ensure our students gain an unforgettable Islamic learning experience.

You can always stay in touch with us via chat on our official website or drop an email at [email protected] if you have any enquiries or would like to register.

For all cancellation requests, please submit an email request to: [email protected] 

It is advisable for you to submit all cancellation requests within 60 calendar days of registration and no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled course date in order to receive a full refund of paid registration fees.

SimplyIslam.sg reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment at least 30 calendar days in advance of the scheduled course date. Notice will be provided with the option to reschedule for a future course date or to receive a full refund of course fees.

Yes, all of our Arabic courses will be conducted physically at our HQ (SimplyIslam, 152 Still Road). If you would like to take up online Arabic courses, you can browse through our available courses at SimplyArabic Academy.

Yes, you will receive additional notes and learning materials (either hardcopy or softcopy) given by the instructors before the class begins.

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