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SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islam School provides an environment to foster Islamic knowledge and values to strengthen a united Muslim community to positively contribute to the community, society and nation.

At this day and age, we simply cannot over-emphasise the need for our children to be imbued with the necessary moral and religious foundations based upon sound Islamic teachings. SimplyIslam offers Islamic studies classes during the weekends for children and youths between the ages of 5 to 21 (preschool to tertiary), tailored for students who are attending academic schools, institutes, polytechnics and universities during the weekdays.

At our weekend Islamic school, your child attends a weekly session of religious learning classes. We have in store for them an interesting package of learning initiatives that is not only unique but also innovative. Our classes are based on their academic level (e.g. Primary 1, Primary 2, etc) so that our students can be comfortable in the class with their peers.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are all madrasah graduates and have been accredited by Singapore’s Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB), and are certified to teach Islamic studies. ARB is an independent committee formed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) to oversee the professional conduct of all Islamic religious teachers in Singapore.


SimplyIslam works closely with the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and educational providers like Iqra International Education Foundation, a US-based educational outfit that specialises in integrated curriculum. Iqra International has revised and redesigned the full-time madrasah curriculum and study materials in Singapore, under contract with MUIS. We also use other books and materials from other educational providers and publishers.

Dress Code

No uniforms! That’s right, we do not require our students to wear a uniform. We welcome the diversity of fashion that our students use to express themselves, and it’s a good learning experience for students to learn about the acceptable styles of dressing. We are committed to standards of simplicity, neatness, cleanliness, attractiveness, modesty and good taste.

English, Diversity & Exams

All our classes and programs are conducted in English.

Because we offer all our programs completely in English, our school attracts students from all the continents of the world. They are children of expatriates working in Singapore, and hails . They come from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Europe. So your children will enjoy the diversity in the classroom!

We don’t have exams too! But we do have regular assessments and project work to assess our students.

Don't take the risk with your child.

The SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School provides access to authentic Islamic knowledge and scholarship to your child so that they don’t have to turn elsewhere. 

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What our students say…


The SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School covers the following subject areas. The exact areas of study, depth and approach of study will differ from one student level to another.

  • Qur’an – Divine guidance, revelation, significance, tafsir (exegesis), memorisation of verses.
  • Hadith – Collections, significance, codification, study.
  • Arabic Language – Basic & intermediate conversational Arabic, Quranic Arabic.
  • Faith – Tauhid (Unity of God), Attributes of Allah, Pillars of Belief.
  • History of Islam & Prophet Muhammad (s) – Sirah, Islamic Caliphate, Islamic civilisation.
  • Essentials And Practices – Pillars of Islam, solat (prayers), worship.
  • Social Studies, Morals and Ethics – Values, conduct, behaviour, ethics.

Experience the Beauty. SimplyIslam.

Our tagline “SimplyIslam” reflects our mission to share the beauty of Islam as a religion that is simple to learn and practise, and through novel approaches to capture the hearts and minds of the future of our nation – our children and youths. We don’t just teach Islam but rather we guide our students to understand what it really means to be a Muslim.

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