Our Services

Arabic Translation:

SimplyIslam provides quality translation and interpretation services in the English-Arabic language pair for corporate and individual needs.   We are a regular consultant to several organisations, private and public, and we continue to service the following government agencies and companies:

Document Translation Services:

We have professional translators with academic qualifications and practical experience in various subjects and fields (education, military, police, etc) enabling us to provide quality, accurate and localised translations from English to Modern Standard Arabic (or vice-versa).

We have translated hundreds of documents, amounting to hundreds of thousands of words, for many organisations (see above), for the English and Arabic language pair.  We have translated different types of documents such as the following:

Interpretation Services:

We provide interpreters for training sessions and seminars involving Arab trainees. Among our ongoing interpretation projects include a fire-fighting course for Arab trainees, having completed many batches of trainees since 2006.  We are also providing interpreters for training courses organised by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Airport Police Division (APD) and the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) for Arab trainees.

We have in-house experts on the Arabic language working at SimplyArabic.sg, and several part-time translators and interpreters who form our family of Arabic language consultants to serve the varied needs of our clients.