Extend your support to the needy. Do your part and donate for ibadah Qurban this Eid                   Extend your support to the needy. Do your part and donate for ibadah Qurban this Eid                   Extend your support to the needy. Do your part and donate for ibadah Qurban this Eid                   Extend your support to the needy. Do your part and donate for ibadah Qurban this Eid                   Extend your support to the needy. Do your part and donate for ibadah Qurban this Eid                   Extend your support to the needy. Do your part and donate for ibadah Qurban this Eid

Rediscover Islam At Our Islamic Education Centre!

Al-Mishkat Certificate in Islamic Studies in Singapore!

Strengthen Your Foundation in Islamic Satudies Professionally in Singapore.

Share Your Provisions this 2022 with SimplyIslam’s Ibadah Qurban!

Our Offered Courses At Simplyislam!

Browse through our courses highly curated for your quality Islamic education.

Best Selling
Learn the Lost Art of Ruqyah Muslims Need!
Best Selling
Learn conversational Arabic fluently and confidently through our conversational Arabic course.
Popular Course
Learn Prophetic healing today and get to know alternative remedies good for your overall health.

For children ages 5 to 16 

Let Your Child Learn Islam Holistically with SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islamic School!

Striving for a better future for the upcoming generation, SimplyIslam provides your child the avenue to opt for a comprehensive Islamic education only on weekends. Leveraging the combined expertise of our ARS certified instructors and a well-curated curriculum, we want to make Islamic learning fun and effective for your child.

ARS Certified Teachers

No Dress Code & Examination

Embracing Cultural Diversity

What Students Of SimplyIslam Have To Say!

With over 20,000 students who have participated in our programmes at SimplyIslam, we would like to share with you their thoughts.

Rabiah Tul Adauwiyah-Student of SimplyIslam
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Teacher has vast knowledge on language. Able to explain well. Interaction in class using Arabic language also helps to build confidence in speaking. Very generous in giving learning materials. Enjoyed the class a lot.
Nisa-Student of SimplyIslam
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Well done SimplyIslam for conducting/organizing the workshop. This is definitely one of the most important workshops for everyone to attend. May Allah bless all your efforts and grant health and success in this world & hereafter.
Nur Khairin-Student of SimplyIslam
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I came to join the course (at SimplyIslam) just to figure out what Islam is about. And, Alhamdulillah, it totally changed my entire life’s perspective. The course is amazing, superb. I really recommend that every single one who’s searching or wanting to know more about Islam to join the course. Because I found Islam through SimplyIslam.
Mohamed Yusoff-Student of SimplyIslam
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The course pace is very good, the presenter is knowledgeable and open to any question and also lets the students participate. I hope the next lesson is not too far apart so the students will be in touch with the Arabic language till they achieve a moderate level of communication in Arabic.

For Adults 17 And Above

Strengthen Your Foundation of Islamic Knowledge With Al-Mishkat Studies Certification.

Solidify your basics of Islamic Knowledge and essential values with our proven effective & highly curated online Islamic studies programme designed for all Muslims aged 17 and above. Grab this opportunity to redeem yourself and develop into a Muslim with clear and comprehensive understanding of religion. Get certified with Al-Mishkat today!

Professional Certification

Highly-Curated Curriculum

Open to all Singaporeans

Why SimplyIslam Is Unique?

From interactive Islamic religious classes, to courses and events, to innovative charity and experiential humanitarian programs, SimplyIslam provides a holistic Islamic experience.

Adult Islamic Courses

SimplyIslam offers Islamic courses designed to encourage learning and creative discussions to foster love for Allah The Merciful, and the perfection of His Beloved, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Language Diversity​

Besides organising our events fully in English, SimplyIslam offers a variety of Arabic courses to enhance your language skills via SimplyArabic Academy.

Certified Instructors Worldwide​

SimplyIslam only chooses the creme de la creme. All our instructors are ARS certified and some are even internationally recognized for their notable academic achievements and contributions.

Practical Approach To Learning Islam​

SimplyIslam believes in adopting a practical approach to effective Islamic education. We offer Islamic courses which are designed to encourage learning and creative discussions instead of rote learning and memorisation.

Charity Projects​

SimplyIslam is involved in ground-up initiatives to help the needy and underprivileged in Singapore and overseas. Some of the projects include the annual Ramadan Charity Basket and Gaza Well Project.

Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah​

Deeply rooted in the way of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah, SimplyIslam presents a traditional & Sunni Islam, illuminated by the devotion for Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Customised Curriculum​

SimplyIslam strategises their curriculum of Islamic studies based on age group and proficiency level. This is to ensure students of all ages gain clear understanding according to their prior knowledge.

Access To International Scholars​

SimplyIslam regularly invites renowned Islamic scholars from all around the world to address topics and concerns of Muslims living in the contemporary world.

Our Legacy

Since the inception of our Islamic education centre in 2006, we have achieved a number of milestones covering all areas of Islamic education, groundbreaking events, workshops, public lectures  as well as charity projects.

Here are our growing numbers in SimplyIslam at a glance…
1.1 M+
funds raised
scholars and dignitaries
events organised

Our Blog

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