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Learn conversational Arabic fluently and confidently through our conversational Arabic course.

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Do you want to learn conversational Arabic but you don’t know where to start? It can be tough to find conversational Arabic lessons suitable for beginners, where you can learn basic Arabic conversation at your own pace. SimplyIslam presents its best-selling conversational Arabic course where you can learn Arabic from zero and make your way to the top as a fluent Arabic speaker, InshaAllah.

“I will not forget this class. I chose it with no expectations and was beyond surprised at my interest at the end of it all to keep learning. Thank you. I also like the fact that the course content was purely on the language and went into the beauty of the language with little or no religious references making it very approachable for all.” – Ishita.

This fast-track Conversational Arabic course is designed for those who wish to acquire a basic proficiency in spoken Arabic and will enable you to speak basic Arabic language in the space of just SIX WEEKS!

You will learn the basics of Arabic during everyday situations which will come in useful on trips to the Middle East, or just to understand the language better. Once equipped with basics from this course you will be able to understand, engage and communicate in Arabic at the airport, in the hotel, ordering food at restaurants, whilst shopping and many more.

Our course will be conducted over 6-lessons, weekly (Wednesdays), and will equip you with the conversational practices of Arabs, learn key and important phrases and words that are commonly used. Our leading conversational Arabic course will give you the necessary vocabulary and confidence for you to converse with others in Arabic.

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