Khawarizmi Zakaria

Designation: Senior Producer - Digital Motion Content [Media Team]


Khawarizmi Zakaria helms our video development department. As Senior Producer, he oversees, develops and produces video content at SimplyIslam. Khawa, as he’s fondly called, has a wealth of experience in Broadcasting & Media, New Media, Social Media, Videography and Video Production. He has developed content at Classruum Technologies and Astro Arena, among others, and has also produced TV Dramas, Documentaries and Magazine Shows at Rumah Karya Citra. At SimplyIslam, Khawa produces our E-learning content, promotional videos, charity outreach content and many others.

He is passionate about all things videos. He counts imagination as his strength and looks to transfer abstract concepts into digestible, communicative and engaging video content.  When he’s not digitally manipulating moving pictures, Khawa can be found hurtling grenades and diving away from gunfire as he traverses the digital world of E-sports. He is married with one child.

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