Janazah Management Course

An in-depth Janazah Management Course that covers the full span of rituals and practices and the theoretical and practical aspects of managing a Janazah.

This course discusses subjects related to death and the afterlife, and the various aspects of managing a Muslim funeral.

Participants in this course will learn the theory and practical on every aspect of managing a Janazah, the signs of near death/death and its significances, and much more.

Each Muslim who believes in Allah and the last day has to prepare for the day of their own departure and their loved ones. For indeed this worldly life is nothing but a transit station leading to eternity, Insha’Allah to the everlasting pleasure of Allah, to eternal life in Paradise.

Who is it for?

Open to all, preferably 16 years and above. No prior knowledge required. Male and Females welcomed.

Commences Saturday 24 August 2019

This course will be conducted over the course of one weekend, Saturday (24 August 2019) and Sunday (25 August 2019) 5pm to 10pm. All Are Welcome. Register below.


Course Content

  • Janazah – An Introduction
  • Death – preparations, significances, etc
  • The state of Naza’ (near death)
  • Instructing a dying person – Reading the Qur’an, etc
  • After death procedures – Police report, Death certification, Permit burial, etc
  • Washing the deceased body (al-Ghusl) Shrouding the Deceased (al-Kafn) for male & female – Adab, Differences between the deceased male & female, the place of ghusl, method, etc
  • Practical: al-Ghusl, al-Kafn, Solat, etc
  • The Funeral Prayer (Solat Janazah) – procedures, adult male/female, boy/girl, in absentia (solat al-ghaib), etc
  • The Burial – digging the grave, placing of the body, qiblah direction, supplication, etc
  • Visiting the Muslim Cemetery & Consoling the Deceased’s Family – sunnah, adab, clothing, supplications, etc
  • Period of Mourning & ‘Iddah (period of waiting for widows)


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Understanding how to handle death - Preparatios and Significance


Building the Confidence of how to Manage someone in a state of Naza (near death)


Understanding the rituals required when a person is dying.


Familiarising attendees with the necessary after death procedures


Practical Applications of how to wash a deceased body.


Practical applications of al-Ghusl, al-Kafn, Solat, etc.


Inculcating attendees with the skill and knowledge to conduct Janazah Prayers


Procedures for Burial


Period of Mouring & 'Iddah


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Nur Khairin

SimplyIslam is truly a changing point in my life. The courses I registered for have been nothing short of exceptional, and boy were they an eye opener. Insha’Allah, there will only be more greatness to come.

Farha Gaznavi

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