What our students say

Because Ustazah Liyana and other Ustaz and Ustazah are kind and helpful.
Muhd Arfan bin Abdul Aziz (Level 1)

I feel happy and cheerful for the whole month.
Hanna Abdul Khaliq Meyer (Level 2)

I feel happy when I come here every time as I learn about how to be a good Muslim and learn more about Islam.
Sajiah Bte Mohamed Ali (Level 2)

This class is nice and good. I am able to learn a lot of new things. I am also able to learn Islam and recitation in a different way.
Fathima Shabana Buhardeen (Level 3)

I feel great at this Islamic studies class. I think next Sunday it will be greater and fun.
Nur Amyliyati Deanna bte Zamei (Level 3)

Well for one I must say I’ve learnt quite a lot here. It’s a whole new experience learning here. It is in English and we can share our thoughts and ideas with our classmates and such. It is interesting. I love it here and am recommending it to most of my friends. These are lessons worth attending. It is a wonderful place to learn.
Maryam Hasanah Rozlan (Level 4)

I have a good experience learning here. Learning in English makes it easier. Conducted lessons are fine. The activities are fun and interesting.
Muhammad Iqbal bin Abdul Jalil (Level 4)

My comments are that I enjoy being taught by the teachers. The teachers are very kind and loveable. The last time, when I go to a Mosque to study Islam, I can’t understand what they are saying. But this centre is the BEST of all!! Thank you, Teachers!!!
Mansura Begum (Level 4)

The classes are fun, interesting and exciting. Teachers are friendly and they make the classes exciting. The people are nice.
Sharifa Habeeb (Level 5)

I love the openness, the teachers and the people.
Maryam Sakiynah Rozlan (Level 5)

Fun and great, animated class. Nice learning environment.
Muhammad Khalis bin Abdul Jalil (Level 5)

Thumbs up to the less conventional approach.
Mohamed Haniff (Level 5)

Fun and intriguing lessons.
Cyrus Esfahani (Level 5)

Very fun and great. An extremely fun class.
Rashid Sadiq bin Saifuddin (Level 5)

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