Students’ Short Essays

Question: The Importance of seeking and understanding Islamic Knowledge

Student: Maryam Hasanah Rozlan
Level: 4

We are all blessed with instincts when we are born. As we grow older, we experience and see more of the world, and from this we gain knowledge. The knowledge we acquire will ultimately lead us to know of the one almighty, all-knowing God, Allah. The intelligence he has granted us with should be used to seek knowledge so that we might better understand Islam and worship Him as a loyal servant.

‘The search for knowledge is a duty for every Muslim, male and female’ – Rasulullah s.a.w.

The knowledge we should seek brings about greater awareness of the One God and helps us strengthen our iman. Knowledge protects us from the whisperings of Iblis and enables us to recognize good from bad.

‘One scholar is harder on the devil than a thousand worshippers!’
‘Whoever travels in search of knowledge is on Jihad until he returns!’

One who seeks knowledge is dear to Allah. Knowledge prepares us for the Day of Judgement and has enabled us to manipulate the natural resources Allah has blessed us with so that we might achieve a higher standard of living.

A Muslim must know and have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Islam. He must remember, however, that any teachings opposing the Quran and Hadith are void as Allah’s knowledge is perfect and complete.

Question: Respecting non-Muslims and spreading the truth about Islam to them
Student: Sarah Raihana Saifuddin
Level : 4

Muslims must respect non-Muslims as Allah created them too. As Muslims we must believe that everyone regardless of colour, origin or faith, is family and thus we must learn to coexist peacefully. Further more, Islam condemns racism.

As Muslims, it is our duty to invite others who have been misled to Islam. Since the Quran teaches us to practice what we preach, our own example can be the best teaching methods thus we must present our way of life in an understandable and appreciable way.

Before we invite anyone to Islam, we must be certain that we have our own facts straight in order to avoid discouraging them and doing more damage than good. We must then speak to them kindly and establish common ground before discussing important matters of faith. When doing so, we must not belittle their beliefs and ridicule their God and idols.

In a discussion, we must be patient and not force them to see the truth when his mind is not open to the truth. Thus we must exercise restraint. We should also point out that all religions share certain ideologies.

When we speak to Christians and Jews, we should make it clear that we all believe in the same One God and that we acknowledge them as People of the Book revealed to them by earlier Prophets. The only difference between us is that we believe that Rasulullah s.a.w. was sent to complete and clarify the truth of Allah’s earlier revelations.

Thus we should treat all non-Muslims with respect and keep good relations with them while inviting them to Islam at the same time. While doing so, we have to behave appropriately and show how Islam is the best religion in the sight of God.

Question: The Benefits of Salah
Student: Sarah Raihanah Saifuddin
Level : 4

The Salah offers Muslims the chance to communicate with God directly. Whenever and wherever. Salah allows us to reflect and evaluate our past actions and make preparations for our future ones.

Salah provided a means of submission of heart, soul, mind and body to the Will of Allah, thus allowing humans to carry out the purpose for which they were created which is to truly worship Allah.

The Salah serves as our daily reminder of Allah as when we pray, we focus on remembering Allah and ask Him to guide us on the right path and protect us from the Shaitan. Thus Salah keeps our Iman strong and makes us more of aware of Allah.

The Salah expresses humility before Allah and allows us to practice equality. The prayer helps remove all feelings of pride and superiority among humans as all men and women are equal in Allah’s eyes.

Furthermore, Salah brings a Muslim closer to Allah. Allah then rewards us with hope and tranquility as well as the knowledge that Allah will help us face and overcome our difficulties.

Salah in Jama’ah helps foster the feeling of brotherhood among Muslims. Love an understanding for one another is also developed, thus the Salah strengthens the Islamic community. As each individual Muslim becomes a better person, the Muslim community improves spiritually.

The Salah also teaches punctuality as we have to ensure that we pray 5 times a day at their respective timings. The Salah in Jama’ah also teaches us to practice cooperation and orderliness. Thus the Salah teaches discipline and the importance being responsible and polite.

Question: The Benefits of Salah
Student: Bilal Fazal
Level : 4

The benefits of Salah are many and are very important to a Muslim. Salah helps us remember Allah swt and reminds us that he is always watching us so we must refrain from shameful acts. When we work or play or spend time with others we become so involved in this world that we sometime forget Allah swt. Salah is essential to keeping a link with Allah swt and remember Him. Salah also show us how to express humility to Allah swt. It shows that no matter how rich or powerful one is or how poor or weak we are, all in the mercy of Allah and without him one would be nothing. Salah also let us express ourselves to Allah swt directly. The Islamic community on the whole benefits by Salah because it brings a sense of unity and belonging to the Ummah. Lastly Salah teaches us punctuality and discipline as we must always pray on time no matter what we are doing how tempting it can sometimes be not to pray. Ultimately, Salah improves both the individual and the community.

Question: Why Allah created Man and differentiates him from the rest of His creations?
Student: Maryam Hasanah Rozlan
Level : 4

Allah created Man, and we as of yet have not been blessed with the knowledge of the reason why He did so. The very first Man, Adam, was molded from clay. Allah blessed him with speech and the ability to communicate. He was blessed with intelligence, emotions and the ability to reason. The angels were created from light and were made to obey Allah’s every command. Unlike the angels, however, Adam was given the freedon to choose to obey or disobey Allah’s command.

Allah did, in fact, order the being of heaven to bow down to his new creation. All did so without hesitance, save the stubborn Jinn, Iblis, whom Allah ultimately cursed. Adam and his wife, Hawa, lived in Heaven till they were swayed by the whisperings of Iblis and were sent to earth as punishment.

On Earth, there was a clear distinction between Man and the animals that roamed the Earth. Man was smart and could think and plan. They had the ability to read and write and had a mind and heart, so that he might know what is good and what is bad.

Unlike animals, Man had the freedom to choose good or bad, Allah loving those who do good and angered by those who do wrong. He sent His guidance to man and it is the choice of the individual to seek and accept His guidance or turn it away and be left in eternal darkness.

So it is ultimately our choice to walk the path of good, or the path of those who have gone astray, but we must always remember that Allah is always there to guide you.