1.        Are all your lessons conducted in English? Yes, all our lessons are conducted in English, while the Arabic language class is conducted in Arabic and English.

2.        What are the qualifications of your Asatizahs? All our asatizah’s are madrasah graduates; they have the minimum of Thanawi Aliyah, which is equivalent to the ‘A’ levels, and some of them have a Diploma in Islamic studies, while some of them are pursuing diplomas and degree courses.  They are all certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and the Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB) and have been each issued with the Asatizah Recognition Certificate.

3.        What is the maximum number of pupils in a class? We keep our class size smaller than what our students will have in their academic school, which can be up to 40 students per class.  At SimplyIslam, the maximum number of pupils in a class is 25, except for the Preschool level where the maximum number of pupils is 15 only.

4.        How do you assess the pupils as you do not have exams? We assess the students through continuous assessments and project work.  The assessments (open book) are conducted twice a year and the students’ work will be graded so that we may have a good understanding of their comprehension of the subjects taught.

5.        Do you provide transport? We are only able to arrange transport if we have enough students requiring transport from a similar constituency.  Transport companies require a minimum of 8 students coming from the same area to make it viable for them to provide the service.

6.        Do you have classes for pre-schoolers? Yes, beginning 2009 our SimplyIslam weekend Islamic school has incorporated children in K1 and K2 classes. Please call 65474407 for more information or check our website www.simplyislam.sg.

7.        What if my child is not up to his level in his Islamic Education? Insha’Allah through our interactive methods of conducting the lessons you child will be able to keep up with the lessons.  However, your child will be assessed on Qur’anic recitation and be placed in the level according to his reading ability.

8.        I have two children studying in the same level; can I just buy 1 set of books? No, each child must have his/her own set of books.  No sharing is allowed.  If there is a financial constraint to purchase 2 sets of books, we will arrange for some financial assistance.

9.        If I have some of the books on your list can I opt not to buy them from you? Yes, you need not purchase them if you already possess them.  Please indicate your request in the order form.

10.      I can’t afford the fees and books for my child to attend the weekend Islamic school.  Do you provide assistance? Insha’Allah, efforts will be made to subsidise the school fees for families who are in financial distress. Availability of financial aid depends on the amount allocated to the student welfare fund, as well as the generosity of private donors.

11.      I may need to take my child out for a month or more from the weekend Islamic school (e.g. exams, travel, etc). Can I be exempted from the fees during the period of my child’s absence? No, unless an official withdrawal is made (subject to terms and conditions of withdrawal).  Once withdrawn, the child will need to re-register if he/she wishes to re-join the weekend Islamic school, and the placement is subject to availability at the point of rejoining.

12.      Why do I have to pay school fees during the June and December holidays? As per conventional school procedures, SimplyIslam weekend Islamic school collect school fees for the month of June and December.  This is because the school has to maintain its existence and costs even during such periods.  The fees will help to defray typical operational costs, rental and so on.  This procedure is no different from such found in public schools and other private centres.

13.      Why the 4-hour curriculum time at SimplyIslam’s Islamic school? Is that too long? The actual learning period is only 3½ hours, less the half hour break.  Through our experience, effective weekly learning cannot be achieved in less than 3 hours because of the various aspects of Islamic learning – Qur’an, Hadith, Morals, etc.  Students in general spend more than 25 hours a week in their academic school learning English, Mathematics, Science, etc.  Given the importance of Islamic learning that will help to shape their morals and personality, we are convinced that a 4-hour curriculum time is a balanced curriculum period.

14.      Why is one of my children in a waiting list? Due to our space constraints, few parents may experience having one of their children in a waiting list.  To maintain an effective student-teacher ratio, we cannot crowd our classroom to a point of detriment.  Nonetheless, please do not be alarmed as we will try our level best to provide a slot for your child.

15.      I wish to enroll my child for the Preschool level in 2011. He will only be 5 years old in June 2011. Can I enroll him? Yes, you may. As long as he will reach the age of 5 anytime from 1 January to 31 December 2011, he is eligible to enroll in Preschool level in 2011.  The same principle applies to other levels as well.

Last update 20 September 2010