Weekend Islamic School

SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islam School provides an environment to foster Islamic knowledge and values to strengthen a united Muslim community to positively contribute to the community, society and nation.

At this day and age, we simply cannot over-emphasise the need for our children to be imbued with the necessary moral and religious foundations based upon sound Islamic teachings. We offer Islamic studies classes during the weekends for children and youths between the ages of 5 to 21 (preschool to tertiary), tailored for students who are attending academic schools, institutes, polytechnics and universities during the weekdays.

At our weekend Islamic school, your child attends a weekly session of religious learning classes. We have in store for them an interesting package of learning initiatives that is not only unique but also innovative. Our classes are based on their academic level (e.g. Primary 1, Primary 2, etc) so that our students can be comfortable in the class with their peers.

Our weekend Islamic school will cover the following subject areas in our classes. The exact areas of study, depth and approach of study will differ from one student level to another.


Qur’an – Divine guidance, revelation, significance, tafsir (exegesis), memorisation of verses.


Hadith – Collections, significance, codification, study.


Arabic Language – Basic & intermediate conversational Arabic, Quranic Arabic.


Faith – Tauhid (Unity of God), Attributes of Allah, Pillars of Belief.


History of Islam & Prophet Muhammad – Sirah, Islamic Caliphate, Islamic civilisation.


Essentials And Practices – Pillars of Islam, solat (prayers), worship.


Social Studies, Morals and Ethics – Values, conduct, behaviour, ethics.

We asked our students at SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School, what they thought about the teachers, the school, the diversity, the lessons, and so on. Listen to what they say..

Our Teachers

Our teachers are all madrasah graduates and have been accredited by Singapore’s Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB), and are certified to teach Islamic studies. ARB is an independent committee formed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) to oversee the professional conduct of all Islamic religious teachers in Singapore.


SimplyIslam works closely with the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and educational providers like Iqra International Education Foundation, a US-based educational outfit that specialises in integrated curriculum.  Iqra International has revised and redesigned the full-time madrasah curriculum and study materials in Singapore, under contract with MUIS.  We also use other books and materials from other educational providers and publishers.

Dress Code

No uniforms! That’s right, we do not require our students to wear a uniform. We welcome the diversity of fashion that our students use to express themselves, and it’s a good learning experience for students to learn about the acceptable styles of dressing. We are committed to standards of simplicity, neatness, cleanliness, attractiveness, modesty and good taste.

English Language, Diversity & Exams

All our classes and programs are conducted in English.

Because we offer all our programs completely in English, our school attracts students from all the continents of the world. They are children of expatriates working in Singapore, and hails . They come from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Europe. So your children will enjoy the diversity in the classroom!

We don’t have exams too! But we do have regular assessments and project work to assess our students.

SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School

registration information


Age: 5 to 21 years (Preschool to Tertiary level)


School fees: $840 per year – payable in full, or half-yearly, or in monthly Giro instalments.


Sessions Available: Saturday or Sunday

  • K1 & K2 (Preschool) | Primary 1-6 | Sec 1-3: Saturday or Sunday, 9 am to 1 pm
  • Sec 4/5 and Tertiary students (polytechnic, university): Saturday, 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

2 Locations in Singapore

  • SimplyIslam HQ: 152 Still Road Singapore 423991 [map]
  • SimplyIslam Jurong East Branch: Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road #04-337 [map]

student Testimonials

I’ve been here for about 8 years now. What I like about SimplyIslam is that the Ustaz and Ustazahs teach us about the religion by putting it in the real world context. We discuss weekly about problems that Muslims, specifically millenials face.

Nurin Bte Ismail (Student, Tertiary Level)

I feel happy when I come here every time as I learn about how to be a good Muslim and learn more about Islam.

Sajiah Bte Mohamed Ali (Lower Primary)

This class is nice and good. I am able to learn a lot of new things. I am also able to learn Islam and recitation in a different way.

Fathima Shabana Buhardeen (Lower Secondary)

I feel great at this Islamic studies class. I think next Sunday it will be greater and fun.

Nur Amyliyati Deanna bte Zamei (Upper Primary)

It’s a whole new experience learning here. It is in English and we can share our thoughts and ideas with our classmates and such. I love it here. It is a wonderful place to learn.

Maryam Hasanah (Lower Secondary)

I have a good experience learning here. Learning in English makes it easier. Conducted lessons are fine. The activities are fun and interesting.

Muhammad Iqbal bin Abdul Jalil (Lower Secondary)

The classes are fun, interesting and exciting. Teachers are friendly and they make the classes exciting. The people are nice.

Sharifa Habeeb (Upper Secondary)

I love the openness, the teachers and the people.

Maryam Sakiynah (Upper Secondary)

Fun and great, animated class. Nice learning environment.

Muhammad Khalis bin Abdul Jalil (Upper Secondary)

parent Testimonials

Mdm Zunaidah Shahul Hamid

I was clear in what I want, I want a balance of both a secular school and at the same time giving them the religious background in terms of education. My children grows up in an environment that speaks, most of the time, English. A school that provides English as a medium of instruction was very important to me. I think because of the age group, and because of the influence of the internet and all that, I needed Ustazahs or Ustaz who are much into technology. Because children are impressionable, what I look out for was the teachers’ ages. I am quite happy with the qualification (of the teachers), being registered with MUIS. You can see the age group (of the teachers), they are young. And because of that, they seem to be good role models for my daughters. Because of all the criteria I have set, basically in my mind, I think SimplyIslam fits the bill.

There are moments in which I received feedback from whatever they learnt. Subtly they will tell me like during Ramadan what are the thing we need to do. Lailatul Qadr what we need to do. To me, yes there seems to be a process where reflection was there, the content was there, which I thought was a very good balance.

Zunaidah Shahul Hamid
Parent of 2 children at SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islamic School

Mdm Barizah Binte Abu Bakar

I came back from UK, so my kids don’t know how to speak Malay, 7 or 8 years ago. Madrasah in English was not well established back then, and SimplyIslam is one of the schools who have this over the weekend. I choose this, the timing over the weekend, and flexibility – there’s no exam! I don’t want any pressure on my children, I want them to enjoy teachings of Islam. The timing is good too, during school holidays there’s no exams, so for me as a family-oriented person, its good.

I like the way they (SimplyIslam) spread out their teachings. They have everything in there. My kids are exposed to Iqra (Qur’an reading), Arabic, basic Islamic studies, history of Islam. So they know everything, not just Surah hafalan (memorisation). At least they are not ignorant. Their interest can slowly develop from there.

My children will ask me “why don’t you wear tudung, you know it’s the aurah?” and I will answer “I am glad that you know about that, hopefully I will wear one day”. They know that it is Sunnah to do this and that. Wow! They actually try to practice. Those are the things, it pops onto their head what they learnt at SimplyIslam. It has become part of our lifestyle, they will remind us “say Bismillah”. I am happy, like there’s no major exam. It’s an open book kind of test, which I think it’s good. At least they know what they have learnt, and where to get the info, rather than memorising and not absorbing it. I am totally happy and comfortable.

Barizah Binte Abu Bakar
Parent of 4 children at SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islamic School

Interviews with Parents of SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your lessons conducted in English?

Yes, all our lessons are conducted in English, while the Arabic language class is conducted in Arabic and English.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

All our teachers are madrasah graduates; they have the minimum of Thanawi Aliyah, which is equivalent to the ‘A’ levels, and some of them have a Diploma in Islamic studies, while some of them are pursuing diplomas and degree courses.  They are all certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and the Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB) and have been issued with the Asatizah Recognition Certificate.

What is the maximum number of pupils in a class?

We keep our class size smaller than what our students will have in their academic school.  The maximum number of pupils in a class is 25, except for the Preschool level where the maximum number of pupils is 15 only.

How do you assess the pupils as you do not have exams?

We assess the students through continuous assessments and project work. The assessments (open book) are conducted twice a year and the students’ work will be graded so that we may have a good understanding of their comprehension of the subjects taught.

Do you provide transport?

No, we do not.

Do you have classes for pre-schoolers?

Yes we do. Our Centre has incorporated children in K1 and K2 classes, ages 5 & 6 respectively.

What if my child is not up to his level in his Islamic Education?

Our students are leveled according to their age (and academic class). In this way, they can be among their peers. Insha’Allah through our interactive methods of conducting the lessons your child will be able to keep up with the lessons.  We only separate the students during the Qur’an lesson period, so that your child will learn and progress according to his Qur’an reading ability.

My child is 13 years old, and he has not attended any Islamic religious class. Can he/she join the classes at SimplyIslam? Will he/she be able to catch-up?

Islam is life-long learning venture. Many of our students enter at different ages, due to various reasons.  We encourage parents to register their child, irrespective of the age of their child, and whether the child has any learning background on Islam.  Insha’Allah through our interactive methods of conducting the lessons the child will be able to keep up and possess sufficient knowledge to practice Islam.

My child is 12 years old and has studied Islamic Religious knowledge extensively overseas for 5 years. Can he be placed in the higher level class?

No. As mentioned earlier, all our students will be placed in a class in accordance to his age group and corresponding academic level.

I have two children studying in the same level; can I just buy 1 set of books?

No.  Each child must have his/her own set of books.  No sharing is allowed.  If there is a financial constraint to purchase 2 sets of books, our Centre can arrange for some financial assistance. Please approach our Admin staff for assistance.

If I have some of the books on your list can I opt not to buy them from you?

Yes.  You need not purchase any book if you already possess them.  Please indicate your request when you are ordering the books.

I can’t afford the fees and books for my child to attend the weekend Islamic school. Do you provide assistance?

Yes, Insha’Allah.  Efforts will be made to subsidise the school fees for families who are in financial distress. Availability of financial aid depends on the amount allocated to the student welfare fund, as well as the generosity of private donors.

I may need to take my child out for a month or more from the weekend Islamic school (e.g. exams, travel, etc). Can I be exempted from the fees during the period of my child’s absence?

No, unless an official withdrawal is made (subject to terms and conditions of withdrawal).  Once withdrawn, the child will need to re-register if he/she wishes to re-join the weekend Islamic school, and the placement is subject to availability at the point of rejoining.

Do I have to pay school fees during the June and December holidays?

Our school fees is actually payable annually. However, out of goodwill, we accept fees to be paid half-yearly or monthly through the Giro system.  So, if you have paid the full fees, then there’s nothing to worry or consider.  If you have chosen to pay the fees in monthly instalments, then the answer is YES, you have to pay every month for 12 months, irrespective of whether the month is January, June or December, or whether your child attends the school or not.  As long as the child is registered with the school, and has not withdrawn, then school fees continue to be payable.

Why the 4-hour curriculum time at SimplyIslam’s Islamic school? Is that too long?

The actual learning period is 3 hours 40 minutes, less the 20-minute break in between.  Through our experience, effective weekly learning cannot be achieved in less than 3 hours because of the various aspects of Islamic learning – Qur’an, Hadith, Morals, etc.  Students in general spend more than 25 hours a week in their academic school learning English, Mathematics, Science, etc.  Given the importance of Islamic learning that will help to shape their morals and personality, we are convinced that a 4-hour curriculum time is a balanced curriculum period.

Why is one of my children in a waiting list?

Due to our space constraints, some parents may experience having one of their children in a waiting list.  To maintain an effective student-teacher ratio, we cannot crowd our classroom to a point of detriment.  Nonetheless, please do not be alarmed as we will try our level best to provide a slot for your child.

I wish to enroll my child for the Preschool level. He will only be 5 years old in June this year. Can I enroll him?

Yes, you may. As long as he will reach the age of 5 anytime from 1 January to 31 December of the enrolment year, he is eligible to enroll in Preschool level in that year.  The same principle applies to other levels as well.  The classes allocated are linked to their academic school levels so that students study among their peers.

Are we focused on Iqra (Qur’an Reading) at SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islamic School?

Although Qur’an reading is one of our focus, our Centre also teach other important subjects for the Muslim student to be imbibed with like Prophetic Biography, Arabic, moral and ethics, and so on.  See our section on Learning Objectives.