Top 5 Quotes by Shaykh Ahmad Saad

As a student of Shaykh Ahmad Saad, I have pages upon pages of notes from the various lectures and classes I’ve sat in as he taught. Shaykh Ahmad Saad’s words touches hearts precisely because it comes from his heart and sincerely at that too. It’s difficult to select just 5 quotes from the many lessons he’s given but hopefully, this will spur you on to attend gatherings where he is present and to learn from him inshaAllah.

1. “People who succeed in life are those who have persevered in doing 1 or 2 things, but have really mastered those things. Stick to even just doing 10 istighfar every morning and every evening, but stick to it and be consistent.”

2. “A sensible man should have an hour in which he prays to His Lord, an hour in which he reckon his deeds, an hour in which he reflects. A sensible man should be aware of his time, focussed on his affairs, observant of his tongue.”

3. “Even if you don’t feel presence in remembering Allah, don’t leave it. Because remembrance without presence is better than no remembrance at all.”

4. “Don’t exhaust yourself until you have no time for Allah, like a donkey in the day and a carcass at night (busy all day working and sleeping all night).”

5. “Dunya: Don’t be so busy planning your temporary stay.”


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