by Dr Waffie Mohammed, in collaboration with Darul Arqam Singapore, is pleased to organise a lecture and discussion session with a visiting scholar, Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed from Trinidad & Tobago.Here are the details:

Speaker: Dr. Waffie Mohammed
Date: Sunday 19 December 2010
Time: 2 to 4 pm
152 Still Road

For any enquiries, please contact SimplyIslam at Tel 65474407 or email [email protected]



Islam is not only a manual of rules, which when meticulously followed becomes a passport to paradise. Instead, Islam is a combination of social, intellectual and spiritual knowledge and skills whose purpose is to cleanse the human heart and attain closeness to Allah (God). The Holy Qur’an mentioned that on the Day of Judgement, nothing else matters except for a qalbun salim or peaceful heart.

Prophet Muhammad also mentioned in a famous hadith, “Verily in the body there is a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the body is all sound. If it is corrupt, the body will all be corrupt. Verily, it is the heart.”

During the early years of Islam, the Islamic scholars have worked out a science to analyse the conditions of the heart and the process of its purification and the methods of reaching the state of a peaceful heart, a science later called Tasawwuf or Islamic Spirituality.

Dr. Waffie would discuss the concept of Islamic Spirituality, in guidance and relation with his book, “Stations of the Traveller”. He shall elucidate the journey of discovery for a seeker to allow him/her to understand the reality of his/her relationship to Allah and His beloved Prophet Muhammad. He shall also enlighten participants on the various stages a seeker passes through on his way to the Lord of the Universe, and explain the signs thereof as a guidance. As Prophet Muhammad said,

“Proceed, the lonely one have won”. He was asked: “Who are the lonely ones, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied: “The devoted ones, who are devoted to the remembrance of Allah, whose burdens He takes off from them thus they shall come on the Day of Judgment light and unloaded.”


The first Trinidad national to have earned a doctorate in the study of Islam, Dr. Waffie graduated from the University of Karachi with a Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, obtained in parallel with Al-Kamil certification from the Aleemiya Institute established by Dr. Fazlur Rahman Ansari.

On his return to Trinidad, Dr. Waffie contributed to the development of the Muslim communities located throughout the country and the region, while at the same time serving the wider national communities. This led to his appointment to the Senate in 1981, and his later appointment as Director of the Muslim World League regional office for the Caribbean and Latin America, a position in which he contributed to global Muslim development, until his retirement in 2003.

Dr. Waffie is currently serving as the Principal and Director at the Markaz al Ihsaan Institute of Islamic Theology. He is also a Consultant to CLICO Investment Bank. He also serves as a spiritual leader of the local chapters of the Qadri and Naqshbandi Spiritual Orders.

The author of numerous books, articles and publications dedicated to Islam and contemporary social issues, Dr. Waffie also has a growing number of pioneering works in contemporary Islamic studies. He writes often at his blog