Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

Shaykh Yahya was born and raised in America’s midwest. At the age of 19 he became Muslim in the San Francisco Bay Area and began studying with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and distinguished scholars visiting from Mauritania, Shaykh Khatry & Shaykh Abdullah Ould Ahmadna.

In 1998, he left for Mauritania to further his studies of the Islamic sciences. There he spent over a year sitting with some of Mauritania’s great scholars, including Shaykh Murabit al-Hajj, one the great scholars of our age.

In 2000, he moved to Tarim, Yemen to continue his studies at the prestigious Dar al-Mustafa. There he studied with renowned scholars Habib ‘Ali al-Jifry, Habib ‘Umar bin Hafiz, and other local scholars.

In 2005, he returned from his studies overseas to serve as a full-time teacher at Zaytuna Institute. In the summer of 2007, he returned to Yemen to further his studies, while offering on-line courses and participating in various intensives, programs, and conferences. He is also among the scholars that supports the Seekers Guidance online Islamic learning program.