Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said in Singapore!




Registration is FINALLY open!!

Shaykh Faid Muhammad Said is a jewel in the crown of traditional Islamic scholarship in the United Kingdom. Educated by some of the most prominent scholars of our times in his native Eritrea and in the illuminated city of Madinah, Shaykh Faid is a qualified Islamic jurist and commentator of the Holy Qur’an. ?#?FindCredibleTeachers?

Shaykh Faid will be in Singapore from 20 till 22 May to conduct a Marriage & Family lecture, 2 Seerah Retreats (we are so excited for this! Shaykh Faid’s niche is in Seerah!), another lecture titled “Not in Our Name: Reclaiming Our Faith” and finally a Spiritual Jamming session to round up his Singapore visit.

Tickets are LIMITED so please register as soon as you see this!

Tag your friends and share! See you at the events inshaAllah!