A Portrait of the Prophet (s)


Please be informed that the venue for this lecture has been changed from Masjid Al-Falah to Singapore Expo Hall 7. Tickets at $10 are available at entrance on the event day.

SimplyIslam.sg is pleased to announce another special lecture by a visiting prolific writer and eminent scholar of Islam, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of America [biodata].

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday 10 December 2011
  • Time: 7.45 pm
  • Fee: $10 entrance fee
  • Venue:Singapore Expo Hall 7 [map]

Prayer (Maghrib) facilities are provided for men and women. All are welcome.

Love grows like a seed and there are several factors that increases our love for someone, among them being:

  • Their physical outward beauty
  • Their inward beautiful character
  • The good or the sacrifice that someone does for you

In all these factors, we find our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW foremost in them. Who could be more physically attractive than the one who is more attractive than even Prophet Yusuf AS? Whose character could be more perfect than the one who is “above sublime character” (Quran  68:4) and who was “sent to teach good manners” (Hadith)? His (s) overwhelming sacrifice for us is insurmountable and beyond our comprehension.

How are we able to emulate the lofty characteristics of a Prophet that was praised by Allah for them? Is it possible for us to express our love for and gratitude to him (s) by writing poetry like the Qasidah Burdah of Imam Busairi that stands the test of time?  Shaykh Hisham will bring us on a journey in knowing and loving our Prophet Muhammad and sharing with us tips on how we can follow in his (s) footsteps.