Qurban 2021


SimplyIslam is happy to be organising TWO different Qurban (Udhiyah) projects, as in previous year’s.

We will be extending our support to Pesantren Darul Hikmah in Indonesia. This has been our annual project in support of Pesantren Darul Hikmah/Darul Hikam since 2007.Additionally, we will also be organising Qurban in Australia!

About Qurban (Udhiyah) The Qurban or Udhiyah is a Sunnah Muakkadah (highly recommended act) according to the majority of Islamic scholars. One sacrifice is sufficient on behalf of all the family members especially for the head of the household.

Qurban Project #1 – Surabaya, Indonesia

Alhamdulillah, for the 13th year running SimplyIslam will be organising a Qurban project in Indonesia to raise funds for Pesantren Darul Hikmah/Darul Hikam (Islamic Boarding Schools) in Mojokerto (near Surabaya, Indonesia). This project is conducted in collaboration with the eminent Ustaz Masruhan Kyai Choteb and his group of Islamic schools – Darul Hikmah & Darul Hikam.

How the Qurban Project Helps?

The funds raised will be utilised for the maintenance of over 1200 students studying at the schools. These students pursue both academic and Islamic studies at the school, including some pursuing the Hafiz or memorisation of the Qur’an program. While some of these students are also boarding students, most of them come from poor and needy families. The meat will be distributed to the students and residents around the Pesantrens.

What’s the Cost per Animal?

The price per sheep is only S$250. Please support the project generously. Your support will go a long way, Insha’Allah. Orders for this project closes on 12 July 2021 online.

Register NOW: https://SimplyIslam.sg/Qurban

About Ustaz Masruhan

Ustaz Masruhan is SimplyIslam’s full-time resident scholar and is a Hafiz of the Qur’an and a renowned scholar and writer. His Islamic education was mainly pursued in Indonesia (to Degree level), thereupon he went on to complete his Masters Degree at Universiti Malaya (Malaysia). He is currently completing his Ph.D. at the same university. He has written over 40 books and for several years he was also the Imam Executive of Masjid Abdul Aleem Siddique (Singapore). He also has regular classes at Masjid Sultan & Masjid Mydin (Singapore). He will Insha’Allah facilitate this Qurban project.


Qurban Project #2 – Australia

For the 2nd Qurban Project, our team in Australia will slaughter the meat in Australia and pack and deliver the meat to Singapore. You have the option to choose to collect 1/3 of the meat, 2/3 of the meat, or all of the meat. The portion of the meat that you are not collecting will be distributed to the poor and needy by SimplyIslam.

When will the meat arrive in Singapore?

The meat is expected to arrive on the weekend of 31st July & 01 August 2021 (Subject to Change). You can choose to self-collect at SimplyIslam, 152 Still Road, or have it delivered to your home at a charge of $15.

What’s the Cost per Animal?

The price per sheep is only S$330. For a cow (7 names), it is S$2200. Orders for this project closes on 12 July 2021 online.

Register NOW: https://SimplyIslam.sg/Qurban

Enquiries & Contact Details

For more details, please contact Sister Hamilah at Tel 6547 4407 or email [email protected]

Payment Details
  • Payment by major credit cards and debit cards are accepted through this Eventbrite website.
  • Cash, cheque, credit card payment can also be made during office hours: 152 Still Road Singapore 423991. Please call 65474407 for enquiries or to make an appointment in advance, due to Covid restrictions.
  • You can also transfer to As-Siddiq Centre for Islamic Studies Pte Ltd DBS Current Account 027-902298-1. Please email your reference number and send a snapshot of your receipt to [email protected]
  • Additionally, you can make payment via PayNowAs- Siddiq Centre for Islamic Studies Pte Ltd, UEN 200607861W (Please email your reference number and send a snapshot of your receipt to [email protected])
Closing Date:

Registration and payment must reach SimplyIslam by 12 July 2021


Is it permissible for one to perform Qurban overseas such as in Indonesia?

A: The Qurban is a recommended act. It is also recommended that the performer of the Qurban sacrifices the animal himself. If unable, another may perform the sacrifice on behalf of the person performing the Qurban. It is also recommended that the person performing Qurban to witness the sacrifice itself and pray that Allah accepts that act as an ibadah. However, if one is also unable to witness the sacrifice, his/her act is still valid and it will, Insya Allah be accepted. This includes Ritual sacrifices done anywhere in the world.

Register NOW: https://SimplyIslam.sg/Qurban