SimplyIslam.sg is organising a Qurban project (Udhiyah). The Qurban or Udhiyah is a Sunnah Muakkadah (highly recommended act) according to the majority of scholars.  One sacrifice is sufficient on behalf of all the family members especially for the head of the household.This Qurban project is to raise funds for Pesantren Darul Hikmah in Mojokerto (near Surabaya, Indonesia), in collaboration with the eminent Ustaz Masruhan Kyai Choteb and the Pesantren Darul Hikmah.  Ustaz Masruhan is SimplyIslam’s full-time resident scholar and is a Hafiz of the Qur’an.

The price per goat (kambing) is only S$190 & the price per cow (lembu) is $1250. Prices are in Singapore Dollars.  By Islamic law, each goat can be slaughtered on behalf of only 1 person, while up to 7 people can offer the Qurban or sacrifice for 1 cow.

To register for the Qurban, please contact Sis Saira at Tel 65474407 or Mohamed Nassir at 90703200 or email saira@simplyislam.sg.  Payment can be made via cash or cheque.