Weekend Islamic School

Questions & Answers (Q&A) on Precautionary Measures Related to Covid-19 in Place at SimplyIslam.sg (updated 25 March 2020)

We are living in unprecedented times. Covid-19 has disrupted our regular lifestyle on many counts. Mosques have been closed & Friday prayers cancelled. Likewise, SimplyIslam has suspended classes (& rescheduled them) since 12th March. Complying to the latest advisory from MUIS (25 March 2020), SimplyIslam will be suspending all our classes further till 30 April 2020.

We understand that many questions may have arisen as a result of these measures. This page is designed to address your questions & alleviate any concerns you may have with regards to the disruption of our classes & programs. We hope you will find the answers to your questions here. If there are questions not addressed, please email to us directly at enquiries@simplyislam.sg.

In the Name of Allah The Merciful, and by His Love and Honour of Sayyidina Muhammad, Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him, we seek refuge in Allah from evil and debilitating diseases, and we pray that He grant safety for everyone, and afford His Divine Support to our healthcare workers and everyone involved to monitor, control, treat and curb the disease. Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.

Please do take care, stay healthy, and stay safe. Please keep us all in your prayers. Thank you.

Is SimplyIslam closed?

SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islamic School has been suspended since the 12th of March 2020, and as of 25th March the temporary closure is extended to 30 April 2020. This was in line with national health and safety advisories, including guidelines by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). As an approved Islamic Education Centre & Provider (IECP), we comply with advisory provided by MUIS.

Is SimplyIslam’s office @ Still Road open?

Yes, our office at 152 Still Road is open and remains operational. Most activities can be done digitally through our specific websites. If payment needs to be made, please do so digitally via the various payment options available. Please give us a call at 6547 4407 for any enquiries.

Is SimplyIslam’s office @ Jurong open?

Our office at Jurong branch is only open on Weekends. Should there be any urgent matters, please give a call to our HQ at 6547 4407.

Why are SimplyIslam’s classes suspended?

We take the health, safety, and well-being of our students, teachers, staff and all stakeholders at SimplyIslam seriously. We are vigilant of current national health and safety advisories. The government believes that the temporary closure of places of worship and learning centres (like SimplyIslam) will help to control the spread of the Covid-19.

Are there any Covid-19 cases at SimplyIslam?

No. None, of our staff, students and stakeholders have reported any cases of Covid-19, nor have we received any directives from the Ministry of Health (MOH). Our current actions are borne out of a socially responsible mindset, and to ensure the safety of students, teachers, staff and stakeholders.

When will classes for the Weekend Islamic School resume?

Based on the current advisory, as of 25 March 2020, the SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School classes at Still Road and Jurong are scheduled to resume on Saturday, 2 May 2020 and Sunday, 3 May 2020.

Any further action by SimplyIslam will be guided by advisories and directives from MUIS and government authorities.

With the missed classes, will there be a reduction in School fees?

SimplyIslam operates as a full-time Islamic education institution, an approved IECP, providing classes for children, youths and adult Muslims through various programming modes and platforms.

Parents under the Weekend Islamic School program pay a yearly fee of $840 per student, and some parents chose to pay the fee on a monthly instalment mode. In the fee structure, we are committed to provide 35 sessions of lessons per year, through the Saturday or Sunday lessons that the parent has chosen. That is equivalent to about 122 hours of learning hours.

Given the current Covid-19 situation, we are forced to take certain actions to maintain the safety and health of our students, as well as to comply to governmental advisories. Despite such a challenging ‘covid period’, our operational costs remain, and we must ensure our long-term sustainability for the continuity of our services for the benefit of our parents and students.

We will organise make-up classes through our online learning system – parents/student will receive access to our online learning system in early April 2020. We will also conduct physical make-up classes during the year-end school holidays, the dates of which we will schedule in due time.

We appreciate the amanah that we shoulder, and insha’Allah we will discharge our duties to the best of our ability, and will not short-change any student or parent, within the confines of the Qadr of Allah.

Hence, there will be no reduction in school fees. If any parent faces any financial difficulty please speak to us – Tel 65474407.

I wish for my child to not miss his/her Qur’an reading sessions? How can I do that?

Insha’Allah we can make some arrangements for a ‘Live’ online Qur’an learning session (via Skype/ Hangout). We may be able to also arrange for a teacher to visit your residence for private lessons (at a subsidised rate). Do call at us at Tel 65474407.

What precautionary measures have SimplyIslam taken to minimise health risks?

Here are the series of measures we are adopting:

1. Temperature taking will be implemented at all our centres. Any student with a temperature of 37.5 or above will be asked to return and seek medical attention.
2. Any student with a runny nose, sneezing, coughing or exhibit visibly distraught symptoms will be isolated and asked to return and seek medical attention.
3. Hand sanitisers will be available at each classroom, and teachers will ensure its regular usage.
4. The shaking of hands (salam or musafaha) and physical contact is discouraged. Students may greet by saying “Assalamualaikum” or making the hand gesture to the chest (#SalamMufti).
5. Our schools and premises have undergone a deep-cleansing process to disinfect and decontaminate. Our centres will continue to be sanitised regularly in accordance with health and safety guidelines.
6. The class-break will be staggered for students to purchase drinks/snacks and return to their classrooms to reduce mixing.
7. All excursions and external activities have been suspended.

My child has been served with a Letter of Absence (LOA) from public schools. Can my child attend the Weekend Islamic School?

No. Children under LOA must not attend SimplyIslam’s Weekend Islamic School. They must abide and fulfill the terms of the LOA.

Can I drop off my child if I am under Leave of Absence (LOA) or Stay Home Notice (SHN)?

SHN means you need to remain at home at all times. You are not allowed to leave your home or drop your child off anywhere. So, answer is NO. If you are on LOA, technically YES, you may drop off your child, and return home immediately. It might better to get someone else to fetch your child to our school (eg. Grab, Taxi).

What if my child has a slight runny nose or cough? Do I send him/her to SimplyIslam Madrasah?

No. If your child exhibit mild flu-like symptoms like cough, runny nose, sore throat and fever, please see a doctor immediately. DO NOT attend school, avoid crowds, stay at home, and don’t doctor hop. That’s the official Singapore government advise.

My child has sinus. As such, my child sniffles and sneezes regularly. Do I send him/her to school?

In these heightened times, if we must err, it is better to err on the side of caution. Our recommendation would be to not send them to school. However, if they have been to the doctor and certified healthy, your child may be admitted to school, but may be required to wear a mask (we will provide). Our teachers will exercise discretion in managing the situation. Please contact us at 6547 4407 should your child fall under this category.

What will happen if there is a nationwide lockdown?

Singapore government has indicated that it “will not rule out a lockdown to tackle the growing threat of the coronavirus outbreak, but it is not an option currently on the cards”.

In the event of a nationwide lockdown, no school, classes or programs will be conducted. Following the conduct of the MOE schools, SimplyIslam will be closed and will suspend all operations during the period of the lockdown.