Not In Our Name! Reclaiming Our Faith.


Shaykh Faid notinourname

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Topic: Not in Our Name! Reclaiming Our Faith
Date: Saturday 21 May 2016, 8pm to 10pm
Venue: Singapore Post Auditorium (10 Eunos Road 8, S’pore 408600)
Speaker: Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said
Ticket: $10 entry fee

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[divider]Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, London, Paris, Brussels, and much closer to home, Jakarta. It is just deeply appalling and frustrating to hear of yet another act of terrorism killing tens and hundreds of innocent people. All this in the name of Islam. Or is it really?

These criminals are masquerading themselves under the cloak of Islam, under the banner of Islamic State, but all they really want is to create chaos, destruction, terrorise and kill innocent people. It is apparent that the rage of extremism and terrorism is getting stronger by the day. These terrorists and extremists are hell-bent on creating chaos and destruction all around the world. While they may act out of a belief of self-righteousness, they absolutely do not represent any religion as clearly terrorism has no religion.

It is not only a travesty of the religion of Islam but also humanity for any human being to even consider killing another human being just because they may differ in their religion, race, nationality or tribe. The Islam we know emphasises that the taking of one innocent life is as if one killed all of humanity, and that God created us as different nations and tribes for us to enjoy the life’s diversity – not to hate one another. Islam also clearly dictates that there is no compulsion in religion.

Islam is not the only religion that has been twisted and manipulated in the course of history. In fact every major religion has had its fair share of lunatics who have used the religion to justify killings, violence and horror.

Enough is enough! Nothing in Islam justifies these heinous acts. It is time for Muslims to declare and shout, NOT IN OUR NAME! It is time that Muslims reclaim our beautiful religion, the religion of peace and beauty as taught, shown and practiced by Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

The speaker will elucidate on the concept of extremism in Islam, and with guidance from the Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic traditions, the speaker will discuss on groups like ISIS and their extremities, and discuss their manifest misguidance.

He will also share how modern Muslims can remain steadfast to the mainstream moderate path of Islam, and will share ideas on what Muslims can do today to reclaim the banner of Islam and truth from these usurpers, and discredit their heretical ideology.