misguidedMediacorp Singapore recently produced a 4-part documentary entitled “Misguided”. For the first time, MediaCorp producers were given access to film actual evidence gathered by security agencies from detained JI members. Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng stressed in an interview for this documentary on the importance of Singaporeans remaining vigilant.

“The terrorism that we face today takes on a different shape this time round it is a group of people making use or misusing religion to perpetuate their cause.  We have to adopt a more holistic plan to counter the problem. We must not allow such groups like the Al-Qaeda JI and many others to misuse the religion to affect our social fabric.”

The four part documentary series entitled “Misguided” was aired on 22 January 2010, for 4 weeks on Friday 8.30pm on Channel NewsAsia.  SimplyIslam.sg was featured as among the Muslims organisations that worked towards bringing a proper understanding and appreciation of Islam.  SimplyIslam’s Managing Director, Mr. Mohamed Nassir, was interviewed and featured on the 3rd part of the documentary.