Ustadh Usama Canon: Love in the Light of Prophecy


Alhamdulillah, SimplyIslam, in collaboration with SMU Islamic Business & Finance Society, is organising a public lecture by Ustadh Usama Canon on the topic “Love in the Light of Prophecy”. Here are the details:

Love in the Light of Prophecy – A Lecture by Ustadh Usama Canon
Date: Friday 1 March 2013
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Singapore Post Auditorium [map]
Next to Paya Lebar MRT, 10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore Post Centre, Level 5

For any enquiries please call 65474407 or email [email protected]

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an about Prophet Muhammad,

“A Messenger has come to you from among yourselves. Your suffering distresses him: he is deeply concerned for you and full of kindness and mercy towards the believers.” (Chapter Repentance 9:128)

Allah has clearly mentioned of the abundant love and mercy that Prophet Muhammad has over his community. Our suffering and tribulations are a source of deep distress for him. Allah has instilled in Prophet Muhammad love that stems from His Divine Attribute of Love. Prophet Muhammad is the Paramount of Love, and he taught and exemplified the concept of love to the hardened Arabs of his time who used to bury their female children alive. In instilling love for one another in our hearts, Prophet Muhammad taught us:

“You will not enter Paradise until you have faith and you will not have faith until you love one another.”

Allah would say on the Day of Judgment: “Where are those who love each other for the sake of My glory? Today I will shelter them with My shade, as there is no shade today except My shade”.

”None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself”.

“When a man asked the prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, “O Messenger of Allah, when will the Day of Judgment be?”, the Prophet (SAW) replied, “What have you prepared for it?” he said, “I have not prepared for it a great deal of prayer, fasting nor charity, but I love Allah and His Messenger intensely,” the Prophet(SAW) said, “You will be with those whom you love.”

The Prophet Muhammad promised his companions and followers great rewards and Paradise for loving one another, irrespective of their orientations, gender, race, tribe, and in fact he urged that this love transcends the entire spectrum of the creations of God. Ustadh Usama Canon will elucidate on the Islamic concept of Love, with references to the verses of the Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic traditions.