Islamic Essentials for Ladies (Muslimah Only) FREE

Islamic Essentials for Ladies is a FREE Muslimah-only course that will address the islamic needs of our muslimahs. The specific rights and obligations of women will be interwoven within the intricacies and uniqueness of practising Islam as a Woman 

Understanding the commandments of Allah The Almighty upon a Muslim is an obligation all must adhere to. Allah the Al-Mighty said in the Qur’an:

“I have not created the Jinn and men but to worship Me”, (52:56).

 To perform these acts of worship one must learn the rulings of the obligations.

 In addition, Islam has given to each their respective rights and obligations, justly. There are general rulings and those specific to certain circumstances. An example will be the prayers (salah) – there are general rulings such as its main integrals, and also specific rulings such as the Awrah (body parts to be covered) for men and women which differ.

These Rights and Obligations will be interwoven within the intricacies and uniqueness of practising Islam as a Woman to arrive at a juncture where attendees will be able to understand their role in Islam better.

Thus, the objective of this course is to help women understand the fundamentals and distinct rulings better in an exclusive all-ladies class.

Who is it for?

This course is open to all female students, of ages 18 and above. Basic knowledge, exposure or familiarity to Islamic knowledge is not required. At the end of the course students can expect to have basic understanding on the Islamic Jurisprudence for women.

Commences Wednesday, 21 August 2019

This course will be conducted over 6 lessons, every Wednesday, from 8pm to 9.30pm. All Are Welcome. Please register below.


Course Content

Lesson 1 : 


 Ritual Impurities

 Lesson 2

 Ritual Purity for Women

 Lesson 3

 Prayers for Women

 Lesson 4


 Lesson 5

 Etiquette of a modern day Muslimah

 Lesson 6

 Recap and Question and Answer session


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Understand the basics of Fiqh for Women


Understanding Ritual Impurities


Learn how to remove Ritual Impurities and maintain a state of Ritual Purity


Familiarise attendees with the basics of Prayer for Woman


Communicate the required Etiquette of a Modern Day Muslimah


Inculcate a basic understanding on Islamic Jurisprudence for women.


What Our Students Say

I came to join a course the Al-Husna Course at SimplyIslam just to figure out what Islam is about. And, Alhamdulillah, it totally changed my entire life’s perspective. The course is amazing, superb.

Nur Khairin

SimplyIslam is truly a changing point in my life. The courses I registered for have been nothing short of exceptional, and boy were they an eye opener. Insha’Allah, there will only be more greatness to come.

Farha Gaznavi

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