Dr. Fuad Nahdi

Dr. Fuad Nahdi is the Executive Director of the Radical Middle Way and Founding Editor of the pioneering Q-News – The Muslim Magazine which he founded in 1992. His contributions in fields of media, community activism and interfaith work spanning over three decades has been widely recognised in the UK and across the Muslim world.

Fuad was named one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims in a widely acclaimed publication by Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Jordan for several years – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016. In 2007, Fuad was named on the UK Muslim Power 100 list which identified the country’s Muslims who were making a profound contribution to British life and society. In 2008, he was awarded an Al Mahabba Award presented under the auspices of the UAE government for spearheading the Uniting for The Prophet initiative which pioneered the public celebration and exploration of the life of the Prophet Muhammad through an international showcase of culture, arts and ideas.

A pioneering journalist, commentator and campaigner who has dedicated his career to creating new spaces for journalistic and media excellence, Fuad has promoted the inclusion of new voices in public debate and tackling some of the most pressing social and political issues of our time – from the state of Britain’s inner cities to the rise of violent extremism.

Fuad is a graduate of the Centre for Journalism at City University, London. He has worked and contributed to media organisations from around the world including Reuters, Los Angeles Times, Arab News, The Nation, ABC News, Crescent International, Africa Events and BBC World Service. His journalism and commentary has been sought after by The Economist, The Independent, The Guardian, The New York Times, The New Statesman, Arab News, Mail & Guardian (South Africa), BBC, Arabia Magazine, Asahi Shimbun, Channel 4, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and others.

In 1992, Fuad founded and became editor and publisher of Q-News – The Muslim Magazine (1992 – 2007), the first independent, Muslim current affairs magazine in the UK. Q-News was bold, argumentative and proudly British. Tackling subjects like domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, mental health, inner-city decline and religious extremism before it was popular to do so, Q-News set a high standard of journalism. It was intended to be an incubator for young Muslims to gain the skills and experience to becoming media professionals and Q-News alumni have gone on to work for mainstream media organisations around the world. Q-News became a hub for ideas and engaged with leading thinkers from across the spectrum of British life to look at issues as varied as multiculturalism, citizenship and migration.

Fuad has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to inter-faith dialogue and engagement. He was one of the first British Muslims to feature at Limmud, discussing Jewish-Muslim relations, in the mid-1990s and championed interfaith activism in the pages of Q-News long before such engagement was accepted and popular.

He read Islamic Studies at the Islamic African University in Khartoum, Sudan, and at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Presently he is a Senior Research Fellow at the Muslim College in London where he teaches interfaith relations and adab al-ikhtilaf (the etiquettes of differences). His paper which helped launched Inter-Faith Week 2010 titled ‘Faith and Phobia: Religion and Secularism in Modern Britain’ is to be published as a monograph in 2012.

He has been involved with the Three Faiths Forum from its inception assisting the late Shaykh Zaki Badawi in ensuring the early success for the organisation. Three years ago he was appointed a member of the Advisory Group.

In 2012, Fuad Nahdi received The Three Faiths Forum Interfaith Gold Medallion for his tireless and lifelong contribution to building bridges between peoples of different faiths. The occasion celebrated the achievements of educators and students who have been involved in linking schools of different faiths together to promote understanding and engagement. Past recipients of the Interfaith Gold Medallion include Pope John Paul, HM King Hassan II of Morocco, HE Cardinal Basil Hume, HE Queen Sofia of Spain, HE President Dr Johannes Rau of Germany, HE President Mary Robinson of Ireland, Professor David Ford, Rabbi Jackie Tabick, John Templeton and the late Shaykh Dr Zaki Badawi. HM Queen Elizabeth II was given a special medallion in 2007.

Fuad served as a member of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Listening Initiative on Christian Muslim Relations (2001 – 2004) which led to the creation of the Christian Muslim Forum of which Fuad was an adviser until stepping down in 2009.

Fuad has consistently demonstrated visionary thinking and analysis of public affairs and has had the knack of identifying and dealing with major trends before they hit the headlines. He has championed the vitally important role faith communities play in creating a just, tolerant and productive society and has worked with particular vigour to foster a strong sense of British identity amongst the United Kingdom’s diverse Muslim communities. Fuad lives in London with his wife and two children.


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