Ustadh Usama Canon: Intention, Sincerity & Truthfulness


Topic: Al-Ghazali on Intention, Sincerity and Truthfulness

Speaker: Ustadh Usama Canon

Event: Workshop

Date: Saturday 2 March 2013

Time: 2pm – 7pm

Venue: SimplyIslam

“Intention, Sincerity & Truthfulness” is the 37th chapter of the magnum opus, Ihya’ Ulumuddin (Revival of the Religious Sciences), written by the eminent and illustrious Islamic scholar of all time, Abu Hamid ibn Muhammad Al-Ghazali.

Imam Al-Ghazali deals with a subject that is of crucial importance. He asks: “How can someone ignorant of the meaning of intention verify his own intention”; or “how can someone ignorant of the meaning of sincerity verify his own sincerity”; or “how can someone sincerely claim truthfulness if he has not verified its meaning?”

Imam Al-Ghazali gave a response to each of these questions by expounding the reality and levels of intention, sincerity and truthfulness, those acts which affirm them and those acts which mar them.He presented his thoughts and opinions very clearly and categorically, based on the Holy Qur’an, the Prophetic traditions (hadith), and the teachings of numerous Islamic scholars.

In this 4-hour workshop, the speaker will share the concepts of intention, sincerity and truthfulness based on the teachings of Imam Al-Ghazali.

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