I was clear in what I want, I want a balance of both a secular school and at the same time giving them the religious background in terms of education. My children grows up in an environment that speaks, most of the time, English. A school that provides English as a medium of instruction was very important to me. I think because of the age group, and because of the influence of the internet and all that, I needed Ustazahs or Ustaz who are much into technology. Because children are impressionable, what I look out for was the teachers’ ages. I am quite happy with the qualification (of the teachers), being registered with MUIS. You can see the age group (of the teachers), they are young. And because of that, they seem to be good role models for my daughters. Because of all the criteria I have set, basically in my mind, I think SimplyIslam fits the bill.

There are moments in which I received feedback from whatever they learnt. Subtly they will tell me like during Ramadan what are the thing we need to do. Lailatul Qadr what we need to do. To me, yes there seems to be a process where reflection was there, the content was there, which I thought was a very good balance.

Zunaidah Shahul Hamid

Parent of 2 children at SimplyIslam's Weekend Islamic School

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb.  I would also like to take the opportunity to thank SimplyIslam for having done a wonderful job with the classes.  At SimplyIslam, my daughter feels she belongs, and looks forward to the classes.  She particularly feels that her current Ustaz (and the Ustazah before that) has been great and that she is learning so much.  Thank you for making the learning environment stimulating for her.  I appreciate all the efforts put in by all at SimplyIslam, and would certainly not hesitate recommending it to friends and family.  We look forward to her continuing her Islamic education with SimplyIslam.

Wileeza Gapar

Parent, SimplyIslam's Weekend Islamic School

I came back from UK, so my kids don’t know how to speak Malay, 7 or 8 years ago. Madrasah in English was not well established back then, and SimplyIslam is one of the schools who have this over the weekend. I choose this, the timing over the weekend, and flexibility – there’s no exam! I don’t want any pressure on my children, I want them to enjoy teachings of Islam. The timing is good too, during school holidays there’s no exams, so for me as a family-oriented person, its good.

I like the way they (SimplyIslam) spread out their teachings. They have everything in there. My kids are exposed to Iqra (Qur’an reading), Arabic, basic Islamic studies, history of Islam. So they know everything, not just Surah hafalan (memorisation). At least they are not ignorant. Their interest can slowly develop from there.

My children will ask me “why don’t you wear tudung, you know it’s the aurah?” and I will answer “I am glad that you know about that, hopefully I will wear one day”. They know that it is Sunnah to do this and that. Wow! They actually try to practice. Those are the things, it pops onto their head what they learnt at SimplyIslam. It has become part of our lifestyle, they will remind us “say Bismillah”. I am happy, like there’s no major exam. It’s an open book kind of test, which I think it’s good. At least they know what they have learnt, and where to get the info, rather than memorising and not absorbing it. I am totally happy and comfortable.

Barizah Binte Abu Bakar

Parent of 4 children at SimplyIslam's Weekend Islamic School

I’ve been here for about 8 years now. And, I think that my experience here has been very meaningful, thanks to my friends and my teachers. What I like about SimplyIslam is that the Ustaz and Ustazahs teach us about the religion by putting it in the real world context. We discuss weekly about problems that Muslims, specifically millenials face. Through these discussions weekly, I have learnt how to become a better Muslim.

Nurin Bte Ismail

Student, Tertiary Level, SimplyIslam's Weekend Islamic School