SimplyIslam’s 10 Key Thrusts.

SimplyIslam’s mission is founded upon the following key thrusts:

  1. Highest Standard. SimplyIslam is a first-class centre for Islamic learning and understanding, producing a innovative, creative and quality Islamic education programs.
  2. God, Prophet and Creations. SimplyIslam instils upon its participants a consciousness of God (Allah), accepting and loving God’s Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Peace & Blessings be upon him), and manifesting love and kindness to all of God’s creations.
  3. Holistic Education. SimplyIslam provides a holistic Islamic education to develop its participants to have a strong personality capable of fulfilling his/her responsibility of participation and stewardship in the society and community.
  4. The Middle Way. SimplyIslam effectively educates its participants on the true and moderate path of Islam.  With effective programs, participants will be able to discern from extreme views and opinions and employ moderate Islamic path.
  5. Learning Environment. SimplyIslam creates a learning environment and ambience that motivates its participants towards good actions, remembrance of God, and enhancing his/her spiritual, intellectual, imaginative, scientific and linguistic growth.
  6. Learning Partnerships. SimplyIslam promotes an effective partnership between teachers, students, participants, other educational entities and the community at large to encourage a community of sincere learners to unite in the spirit of the celebration of learning.
  7. Pursuit of Excellence. SimplyIslam encourages and motivates its participants towards higher academic and professional endeavours and the pursuit of excellence, enabling its participants to recognise, appreciate and add to the contribution of Muslims to world civilisation.
  8. Moral and Social Conduct. SimplyIslam nurtures its participants’ personality towards the best moral and social conduct, health attitudes and self-discipline, encouraging them to be responsible members of the community, contributing positively to the wellbeing of the society, country and humanity in general.
  9. Professionally Qualified and Model Teachers. “The most important quality of a Muslim teacher is not what he knows but what he is”.  SimplyIslam engages its pool of well-qualified teachers and provides continuing education opportunity for them so that they continue to improve their knowledge and skills, and personify the Prophetic values.
  10. Pulse of the Community. The centre, with its broad range of participants from students to adults, will provide a significant pulse of the Muslim community in Singapore.  Their views, opinions and thoughts provide an invaluable insight for the centre to develop and refine its programmes and activities.